Eyes on the Road Santa

When the holidays come round the roads get busier and busier. So here are a few tips to keep safe whilst driving this Christmas:

  • Prepare Your Car – Contact us for a log book service to make sure your car is road ready for these holidays.
  • Prepare yourself – Make sure you take regular breaks for long car trips to avoid being fatigued
  • Drinking and driving – Don’t even think about it
  • Travelling with Children – Make sure they are restrained and safe in case of an emergency
  • Good Techniques – Get in the habit of using good techniques such as blind spot check whilst driving to avoid any unnecessary accidents
  • Expect the Unexpected – Many people from overseas have to adjust to the driving conditions in Australia, so don’t turn off for a second.
dog car steering wheel


If It Doesn’t Sound Right….

If it doesn’t sound or feel right, stop driving and give us a call or drop in!

We see alot of cases where something has gone wrong with someone’s vehicle and they have continued to drive it which can result in a much worse (and expensive) outcome.

We are conveniently located in Bundall at 2/8 Strathaird Rd. Call us on – 07 5554 6075

Young man pushing his broken car, on a sunny day




An Aussie Wagon Faster Than A Porsche?

The fastest and most powerful family wagon on the market is made right here on home soil and went on sale last week!

We love the all new 2015 HSV Clubsport Tourer LSA with its supercharged V8. It boasts 400kW at the wheels and gets from 1-100km/h in just 4.8 seconds which according to the experts, is faster than most of the Porches.

Imagine Taking The Kids To School In This!




The Little Things

Big Savings

We have a lot of clients coming in who have had minor problems that have been neglected over time and have ended up growing into something bigger that could have possibly been avoided.

Portrait of young beautiful woman with broken car aside

Here’s a few tips to keep your car healthy and save you money:

  • Check fluid levels, oil and water
    Back in the day they used to do this for you at the local service station, now you should do it yourself.
    Oil is one of the most important things that keeps your car running, keep an eye on it and make sure there’s enough.
  • Check tyre pressure
    Having low tyre pressure and driving at high speeds will wear your tyres out twice as fast and use more fuel, not to mention it is dangerous!
  • Wheels un-aligned
    Having your wheels aligned provides a smoother ride, uses less fuel and ensures the longevity of your tyres. Rotating your tyres will also increase their life.
  • Watch the breaks
    Breaks are essential for your safety, if you hear them starting to screech then it’s time for new pads.
  • Keep an eye on things
    If your car seems louder, is blowing more smoke than usual etc then it’s probably time to bring it in!






Driverless Car, But How?

The Worlds First Fully Self-Driven Car

There is now such thing as a driver-less car and who else would have come up with it but Google!

After four years in the making, operating under a subsidiary called Google Auto LLC, they have released this videos for us.

In June this year they started testing on Public Roads and will soon be tested right here on Australian turf in Adelaide.

Despite all this crazy technology, we still think your driving skills are much better than any car Google have made!




How do I do that?

What to do when you can’t get to Jimbos

Are you a little unsure about how to change a tyre or jump start your car when the batteries flat?

Lucky for you RACQ has yet again got you covered. They have a brilliant Youtube Channel which is filled with videos including an extensive list of how to’s.

Learning how to change a tyre or jump start a car may get you out of trouble if you or a friend is in a situation that requires such skills.

Click here for more great tips and tricks from RACQ.



Fuel Prices

As we are all aware, fuel prices are quite high at the moment and we are all victims, me included!

The RACQ keep advising us that this is a short term thing and that prices will continue to fluctuate.

While doing a bit of research I stumbled across this handy little tool that the RACQ provide to help consumers keep up to date.

This page contains a Fair Fuel Price Calculator that is specific to your area, simply type your area code in and an average price is generated. A list of the cheapest outlets in your area is also provided.

How it works?

The calculator provides information on the prices for unleaded petrol and diesel in 30 different regional areas around Queensland, based on what RACQ believes is a reasonable margin.

This is based on the oil and terminal gate price and is subject to a price cycle, therefore is updated daily.



The Key To Solving The Problem

We had an interesting one today.

One of our regulars rang up to let us know she’d be bringing her car in for a check – if she could get it started.

Turns out the car would sometimes start and sometimes not.  It would turn over, but just not start.  Her local RACQ guy couldn’t find the problem.

Easy Fixed!

Easy fixed!

I see this quite a bit – it was her husband’s key.  His electronic key wouldn’t start the car because he had damaged it or gotten it wet.  The wife’s key started the car just fine.

No need to bring it in, my customer went off and had another key made for her husband, told him to be more careful with it (!) and the car continues to go just fine.




Car Service Gold Coast

Keeping your car in great shape is the best way to ensure it is as safe as possible, as efficient as possible and so that it retains as much value as possible.

Here at Jimbos you’ll find us super friendly, knowledgeable and expert in car servicing here on the Gold Coast.

We services cars from the latest and greatest (yes, we do service a ton of Ferraris and yes, I am saying that Ferraris are the best cars ever!) to what we politely call older model cars.

Regular Car Service is The Key

The key to saving money with your car is to service it regularly.

That way you minimise the chances of problems as wear and tear mounts up.

We’d be delighted to service your car and can promise honest work at a great rate.

Call us direct on 07 5554 6075 or email us and we’ll take great care of you.


James (Jimbo)

We’re Not Deer!

Someone just asked me for a quote and I told him, “We’re not like this lad below …………..we’re not deer!”

As a comedian I make a great mechanic!

We're not deer!

This is a deer. We’re not!

All the best to our great customers for a wonderful Christmas and  2013 – hope they’re filled with love and joy.

Drive safely and we look forward to seeing you in 2013.


Jimbo and the team


All our recommended services and repairs are covered by a 6 months or 10,000 klms workmanship and parts warranty.