The Little Things

Big Savings

We have a lot of clients coming in who have had minor problems that have been neglected over time and have ended up growing into something bigger that could have possibly been avoided.

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Here’s a few tips to keep your car healthy and save you money:

  • Check fluid levels, oil and water
    Back in the day they used to do this for you at the local service station, now you should do it yourself.
    Oil is one of the most important things that keeps your car running, keep an eye on it and make sure there’s enough.
  • Check tyre pressure
    Having low tyre pressure and driving at high speeds will wear your tyres out twice as fast and use more fuel, not to mention it is dangerous!
  • Wheels un-aligned
    Having your wheels aligned provides a smoother ride, uses less fuel and ensures the longevity of your tyres. Rotating your tyres will also increase their life.
  • Watch the breaks
    Breaks are essential for your safety, if you hear them starting to screech then it’s time for new pads.
  • Keep an eye on things
    If your car seems louder, is blowing more smoke than usual etc then it’s probably time to bring it in!






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