If It Doesn’t Sound Right….

If it doesn’t sound or feel right, stop driving and give us a call or drop in!

We see alot of cases where something has gone wrong with someone’s vehicle and they have continued to drive it which can result in a much worse (and expensive) outcome.

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Young man pushing his broken car, on a sunny day




The Key To Solving The Problem

We had an interesting one today.

One of our regulars rang up to let us know she’d be bringing her car in for a check – if she could get it started.

Turns out the car would sometimes start and sometimes not.  It would turn over, but just not start.  Her local RACQ guy couldn’t find the problem.

Easy Fixed!

Easy fixed!

I see this quite a bit – it was her husband’s key.  His electronic key wouldn’t start the car because he had damaged it or gotten it wet.  The wife’s key started the car just fine.

No need to bring it in, my customer went off and had another key made for her husband, told him to be more careful with it (!) and the car continues to go just fine.




Can We Use Ferraris As Our Courtesy Car?

Great question over on our Q & A page!

You see, we often service Ferraris here at Jimbo’s and many of our customers see the Ferraris in the workshop.

So the logical question has been asked – check it out here.



The Cost Benefit Decision With Old Cars

One of the challenges we have here as mechanics at Jimbos is working on old cars that have seen better days.

Old cars tend to, naturally enough, have more problems.  More:

Time for a new car!

  • oil leaks
  • wear and tear
  • fatigue issues

Sometimes the maintenance costs to keep an old car outweigh the benefit.

After all, it’s no good having to spend $500 every 3 months to keep a $3,000 car on the road.

Our Promise To You

One of the keys components here at Jimbos is that we tell it like it is.

So if your car has seen better days and you’d be better off buying a newer one, then we’ll have a chat.

We’d much prefer less work and have you with less maintenance costs on a better car, than having you continue to throw good money after bad.



All our recommended services and repairs are covered by a 6 months or 10,000 klms workmanship and parts warranty.